Votre terrasse éco-responsable fabriquée dans les Hauts de France


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Valoops facing textile waste

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When we donate our old clothes to collection points near us, it is impossible for us to imagine that most of them will not end up reused by families in need or resold in thrift stores. Indeed, in France, only 3% of the clothes collected are reused and 54% are exported to Africa. Our clothes are thus found, sold and exploited for thousands of euros per tonne for the benefit of large intermediaries.

Once arrived in Africa, our clothes are sold by the bale for around a hundred euros to small local sellers who do not know what the bale, which they have just bought, contains. Unfortunately, over the years the quality of the clothes they receive has deteriorated significantly due to the fast fashion phenomenon and today 40% end up being thrown into open landfills, which pollute wildlife and the environment. local flora.

This is where Valoops comes in. In order to combat this textile business which is extremely bad for the environment and reduce the proportion of clothing ending up untreated, we buy textile material in the form of fiber in order to reuse it as raw material for our products. This allows us to truly recycle our clothes, in a sustainable and ethical way.

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