Votre terrasse éco-responsable fabriquée dans les Hauts de France


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L'histoire de Valoops

Une aventure à l'initative d'Issam Laaroussi

Originally, Valoops resulted from awareness of the state of environmental emergency in which we all find ourselves.

Our ambition is now to help recycle a significant portion of waste from both the textile sector and other sectors such as plastic or building waste, by creating new outlets, in the form of products intended for the greatest number of people ( professionals and individuals).

We want to avoid the cliché of gadgets made from upcycling waste, or greenwashing carried out by large multinationals.

A fascinating universe that lends itself well to the innovative products that we manufacture is that of the exterior spaces of the house. We would like to offer everyone the opportunity to have a pleasant outdoor space.

Valoops' vision doesn't stop there

The start-up plans to revolutionize not only outdoor spaces but also to invest the interiors of homes with products that are as aesthetic as they are functional. The objective is clear: to prove that recycling can be synonymous with quality and design, and that eco-responsible products can compete with traditional materials both in terms of performance and style.

Valoops' commitment to the environment is inseparable from its business model. Reducing production costs through innovation in recycling will ultimately make products more accessible, thus democratizing eco-design. This represents a boon for consumers aware of their ecological footprint who will no longer have to choose between ethics and budget.

The start-up does not just produce alternative materials; she also engages in an educational approach. By raising awareness of the importance of recycling and leading by example through its products, Valoops hopes to spark a change in consumer behavior and encourage other businesses to follow suit.

Innovation at Valoops is constant

Research and development is at the heart of the strategy to continue improving recycling processes and exploring new possibilities. The company does not rest on its laurels and always seeks to optimize the positive impact of its activities on the environment.

With a passionate and dedicated team, Valoops is much more than a company; it is a movement, a community of people committed to a sustainable future. By joining Valoops, whether as a customer, partner or employee, you participate in a human and ecological adventure, where every action counts to build a better world.

Valoops' journey is an inspiring example of what French innovation can bring to the eco-design sector. With a focus on quality, sustainability and aesthetics, Valoops is redefining industry standards and paving the way for a new era of recycled products, where respect for the environment is a top priority.

At Valoops we are proud to affirm our commitments through our purpose which lies in the development of innovative products, opening the way to recycling sectors promoting the ESS and giving new life to non-recycled textile and plastic materials. .

Valoops meets 6 of the 17 SDGs (sustainable development goals) set by the UN:

We are convinced that it is through innovation that we will be able to create in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way and give as many people as possible access to jobs of the future.

Our engagements

Innovation : is at the heart of the company, it is the starting point for all our initiatives. We believe it is important to combine it with modern design in order to develop better products.

Transparency : It is essential for us that our customers can know the origin of our products, and what processing processes they have gone through. This is why we want to actively communicate about this and remain as transparent as possible.

Trust : the trust our customers place in us is what allows us to stay focused on our objectives. We pay particular attention to maintaining a relationship of trust with both our professional and individual clients.

Eco-responsibility : it is an integral part of Valoops’ mission. Combined with research and development, we believe this is what makes our product unique. All of the company's stakeholders share this sensitivity to eco-responsibility and this greatly facilitates our decision-making.

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