Votre terrasse éco-responsable fabriquée dans les Hauts de France


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Valoops and solidarity employment

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When we mention the term “solidarity employment”, many of us unconsciously link it to associations like Amnesty International, Greenpeace, etc. However, there are many other structures which integrate solidarity employment, which we hear less about.

The ESS is a mode of entrepreneurship and economic development adapted to all areas of human activity. It covers a set of companies under different statuses: mainly associations, cooperatives, mutual societies, but also ESS foundations and commercial companies.

In France, 10.2% of salaried jobs (i.e. 2,340,650 employees) fall within the field of the social and solidarity economy. Among these jobs, 8.5% are located in the Hauts-de-France region. The Hauts-de-France region is 9th in terms of ESS employment rate (10.8% of jobs in the region) and 1st in terms of average number of jobs per establishment (13.5 employees per establishment).

The adventure that Valoops has undertaken, she cannot do it alone. We work with suppliers who participate in the ESS because it is important for us to respect our values ​​while creating local jobs linked to innovation and the environmental sector. This is why Valoops strongly contributes to issues related to the ESS and, in the future, is committed to working with people from the ESS.

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