Votre terrasse éco-responsable fabriquée dans les Hauts de France


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Recycling PVC with Valoops

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Half of the materials Valoops uses to create its products come from recycled PVC. But then, how does recycling PVC work?

There are several techniques depending on the result you want to obtain. In the first case, the PVC at the end of its life will be collected then unloaded in plastic sorting-recycling centers. These are called falls. They will then be transferred to a shredder and then crushed. The crushed PVC, also called semi-finished, will then be micronized into different powders in order to be used.

These materials will undergo a set of successive stages, which ensure a homogeneous mixture with the textile, before being able to come out with granules, which will in turn be transformed into a finished product.

Always in a desire to respect our values ​​and our commitments, Valoops has recognized the great usefulness of PVC, which is a recyclable material, which is why we have chosen this material for our products. It is by combining innovation in manufacturing processes with ecology that Valoops takes up the challenge of ecological transformation.

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