Votre terrasse éco-responsable fabriquée dans les Hauts de France


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The Hauts de France region is talking about VALOOPS.

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It was in Willems in the North that the adventure of the start-up Valoops began a year ago now. Born from a desire to reduce waste, the company transforms used, non-reusable clothing into outdoor furniture. At the origin of this project, an engineer from Lille: Issam Laaroussi.

Since 2021, Valoops has used a unique technology that recycles end-of-life clothing with plastic waste to produce a composite that can replace the use of traditional wood and plastic. The start-up's first item, made 100% from this innovative material, will be available for sale from April!

The Valoops project is part of a real dynamic of circular economy and energy and ecological transition. When design rhymes with eco-responsibility Valoops wants to contribute to the reduction of textile waste while recycling it. Issam Laaroussi and his associate Houda Driouch thus had the idea of ​​developing an innovative process allowing the recycling of textiles. The concept was born after several years of work in the textile sector in Europe, Africa and Asia.

The founder Issam Laaroussi became aware of the extent of the environmental impact of this particularly water-intensive sector: " the manufacturing of denim, for example, requires a significant quantity of water and chemicals. One pair of jeans = 10,000 liters of water (over the entire product design). It’s huge! ” he explains. “ In addition, in our country, 60% of textiles at the end of their life are sent directly to incineration.

This is where the Valoops concept comes into play: exploiting the great potential of textile waste in order to recycle it . The project: transforming used and non-reusable clothing (based mainly on cotton and polyester) into components of products intended for exterior design. The final material obtained, called "bio-composite", is then used to manufacture terrace boards. This is the first article from Valoops. " Available in different colors and aspects, the article will be available on the e-shop in April.

And from next year, new items will be offered for sale such as fences, palisades or even outdoor furniture and accessories ,” adds Issam Laaroussi. The era of upcycling The bio-composite material of Valoops is therefore made up of a mixture of used textiles and recycled polypropylene. More precisely, it is 30% jeans, 50% PVC, bonding agents, additives and environmentally friendly dyes. Named Valtérial, the bio-composite stands out in particular thanks to its resistant properties (to shocks, to different climates) and eco-responsible properties.

Indeed, this new material makes it possible to replace the use of wood, for example, which is an over-exploited material and which is becoming more and more expensive. " For exterior design, traditional wood does not have a long lifespan or you have to invest in exotic wood and the prices are very high. And wood requires regular maintenance – cleaning, varnishing – this which can be restrictive and expensive. This is why we decided to provide an economical and sustainable solution, ” he says. Valoops thus offers a second life to materials considered “waste” and transforms them in order to offer a qualitative bio-composite with a small ecological footprint and a long lifespan.

A Region that is transforming The concept of the greentech start-up received the support of the Hauts-de-France Region through the rev3 system. Rev3 accelerators help project leaders launch their business. The goal is to best support creators and develop a real regional dynamic. " We had the opportunity to be supported by rev3 for an eight-month course. Each month we had workshops on different themes (such as financial, industrial or marketing strategy) with experts ."

An enriching experience to which is added financial aid of 5,000 euros via the Region's Regional Incubation Fund. Valoops was also able to benefit from the “project leader” allocation of 9,000 euros. Valoops is recruiting! Valoops plans to create jobs in the region since 3 to 5 jobs will be filled each year. “ Moreover, we are recruiting for the year 2022, a marketing manager, an order picker and a materials engineer. For the year 2023, we will open positions in sales, engineering and even logistics, ” he declares.

In addition, the start-up's ambition is to be able to reduce the prices of items over time in order to be able to offer them to a wider customer base. Issam Laaroussi explains that for the future of Valoops, he would like to broaden the choice of waste to recycle cardboard, paper and even metal. “ And why not also create interior products to replace the use of parquet or ceramics... What we want is to offer a solution that is respectful of the planet .” Good news for the wallet and especially for the environment!

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