Votre terrasse éco-responsable fabriquée dans les Hauts de France


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AF100 Pedestal Extension

par m²

Raised pedestal for terrace

The AF100 pedestal riser is specially designed to increase the height of an adjustable pedestal by 100 mm, providing a perfect solution for larger level adjustments.

Thanks to its screwable functionality, it guarantees a secure and stable fixing, allowing users to stack several extensions with great ease.

The integrated thread ensures perfect continuity between the elements, reinforcing the overall structure of the installation.

Features :

  • 100 mm extension: Each extension increases the reach of the pedestal by 100 mm, ideal for significant height adjustments.
  • Screw-on design: The risers screw into each other for added stability and effortless installation.
  • Robust thread: The thread ensures a solid connection between the risers, eliminating the risk of movement or misalignment.
  • Durable material: Resistant to external conditions and heavy loads, the material used for the extension guarantees a long lifespan.

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