Votre terrasse éco-responsable fabriquée dans les Hauts de France


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How Valoops participates in eco design

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There are a lot of definitions that govern what eco design means. Let us take as a reference that of the ISO 14006 v2020 Standard, which says that it is a “methodical approach which takes into consideration the environmental aspects of the design and development process with the aim of reducing negative environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of a product”.

It is simply about taking the environment into account in the development of its products or services. It constitutes a multi-stage approach to the life cycle of a product since each stage of this cycle must integrate this sustainable aspect for the environment. It also constitutes a multi-criteria approach to different environmental impacts because it addresses several problems (climate change, the greenhouse effect, CO2 emissions, etc.). The international standard ISO 14 062 governs everything surrounding eco-design.

Valoops places eco-design at the heart of its activity because it is the very essence of the company. It was important for us to become a real solution to the various environmental issues to which we respond. All our products are eco-designed from textile and plastic waste, which greatly reduces their impact on the environment.

To find out more, go to the website www.eco-conception.fr

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